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M.O.R.E. Workshops provide demonstrations and hands-on experience in the field of renewable energy and sustainable living.

All classes run 9 am – 3:00 pm and cost $65 for non-members, unless otherwise noted. Please refer to the individual class description below for dates and location of the Workshop.

The cost of each workshop includes a video, manual and printed materials, as needed.

Advanced Photovoltaics (with an emphasis on grid tie)

For those who have attended basic photovoltaics or who have electrical experience. Students will learn module characteristics, controller and inverter sizing, grid tie system types and advantages, wiring, grounding and disconnects, net metering, and design principles.  Students will learn hands-on through an actual install or through the use of display equipment at one of MORE’s centers – how to manage their own grid direct installation.

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri
2019 Dates: TBD

Alternative Home Construction

Learn how to build your own affordable dome home mortgage free, by using Straw Bales, Cord Wood and more. Participants will learn Geometry Basics, how to prepare the site, dome framing, window framing, roofing and more.  Click on the workshop title to register and pay for your class online.

Location:  New Bloomfield, Missouri
2019 Dates: August 17

Basic Photovoltaics

Students will learn the basics of photovoltaic systems. They will learn to describe and identify components, understand how PV works, the different applications and limitations of each system type, the solar window, energy efficiency and load estimates, identify PV mounting types, the basics of site assessment tools, and begin circuit design.

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri
2019 Dates:   TBD


Learn how to make your own fuel from used vegetable oil. This class will demonstrate step-by-step the process of converting bio-diesel at home and the materials required. Click on the workshop title to register and pay for your class online.

Location:  New Bloomfield, Missouri
2019 Dates:  June 13

Electric Vehicle

Obtain enough knowledge and resources to begin building an electric car project affordably, with a 65 mile expected range between charges.

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri
2019 Dates:  TBD


Learn how to start your own fish farm and grow food using Aquaponics. Click on the workshop title to register and pay for your class online.

Location:  New Bloomfield, Missouri
2019 Dates:  June 15


Learn to extract clean energy from many different types of organic materials and waste products such as wood chips, switchgrass, and garbage to create electricity, run a car and even heat your water all with the amazing technology of syngas production. Click on the workshop title to register and pay for your class online.

Location:  New Bloomfield, Missouri
2019 Dates: TBD

Hydrogen on Demand System Design

Participants in this workshop will learn how to design, build and install a hydrogen on demand system for gas or diesel powered engines.  Participants will learn how to effectively adjust a vehicle’s computer response to H.O.D.

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri
2019 Dates: TBD

Solar Hot Water Installation (Hands-on)

Spend a day learning how to install a solar hot water system.

Location:  TBD
2019 Dates: TBD

Solar Thermal

Learn to design, construct and install systems that utilizes the sun’s energy for solar cooking, space heating, drying of foods and clothing, hot water, and distillation.  Solar energy can provide 50-70% of residential and business energy needs.

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri
2019 Dates: TBD


Learn residential small wind for your home or business. Participants will learn site assessment, design, sizing, and affordable techniques to make wind energy a possibility for most income levels.

Location:  Marshfield, Missouri
2019 Dates: TBD

To register for classes online, click on the class name above.
To register for classes by phone or for more information call our MORE Manager at (314) 881-3213.

For more information about our workshops click on the class name or call the numbers below:

  • St. Louis Classes – (314) 881-3222
  • New Bloomfield Classes – Toll Free (800) 228-5284
  • Marshfield Classes – (417) 468-6188
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