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Planet earth is not well. The environmental destruction and devastation that it is experiencing is primarily the result of human activity. God has created all of us, every living creation; to live together in one big home called planet earth. If we allow this home to be destroyed, where will we go? What will we do? This is the home planet God has placed us upon. Don’t you think it is time we began to care for it with the same stewardship and love God shows us daily?

Humanity’s dependence upon fossil fuels has created a pending collision with the very fabric of creation through the destructive forces of global warming. Now the Church has an excellent opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed as it provides education, implementation and inspiration through God’s gifts of renewable energy.

By Larry Rice Nothing short of a personal revolution takes place when Jesus is the center of one’s life. For no one but Jesus Christ occupies the center of creation and salvation. In this dynamic book of Colossians Paul shows us how Jesus is not only the human embodiment of God but also the visible…

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